E-mail problem from Russia

Patrick Carney (pcarney@lunar.rutgers.edu)
Sat, 30 May 98 6:50:17 EDT

I thought some of you might find this interesting since I know many
of you are interested in using the Internet in class. We have a connection
with a school in Russia over the internet. Fortunately we have a woman on the
faculty who speaks Russian. This is important because even though the Russian
kids type in English, many math words are not taught in standard English
courses and so they use the only words they know -- the Russian ones.

Anyhow, a few days ago, they asked for help in a problem they were studying
for entrance to a university (maybe SAT for Russian schools). Our kids were
quite excited to be able to send them an answer. I thought some of your kids
might enjoy the problem also.

Trapezoid ABCD has AB//DC, Angle DAB = 35 degrees and Angle CBA = 55 degrees.
Q is midpt. of AD, P midpt of CB, M midpt AB, and N midpt of DC.
QP = 5 and MN = 3 . Find AB.

As ever,
Bro. Pat Carney