Re: Quiry

Duncan Chiu (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 22:24:56 -0400

Dear Sanderson,

Got your note and the one with an extensive list of web sites. Had a very busy summer: attended a
one-week workshop at Rice U. learning Scheme (anyone interested in this programming language pls let me
know) and a three-week DREI '98 program in Graph Theory; worked for ETS/National Certification Board
two weeks; traveled in Mexico one week; Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne, three weeks; and went to a
wedding in Toronto one weekend.

School started without new computers to implement the Scheme program. Have to teach, instead, Visual
Basic. Knew nothing about this language. So I am only one day ahead of my students.

Hope all is well with everyone! Take care.


Sanderson Smith wrote:

> Hi group...
> I just got a note from Caroline Caswell. She mentioned she cannot access this account any more. I
> haven't received any DREI notes recently. I'm just wondering... are we still up and active? (If
> I don't get any response to this note, I'll assume we are not!)
> -Hope all is well.
> -Keep smiling.
> Sanderson