Marylu Tyndell (
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 18:42:31 +0000

Thank you to those who have already replied. I've gotten some good
ideas for spreadsheets!

However, I think that I need to clarify the intent of the project.

My students are required to do research on the Internet and collect data
from the 'Net to use in their spreadsheets. They have to have evidence
in their written project of 3 sites they visited and researched for
info. The example we were given was to find the prices of a particular
car on 3 different sites and organize that data in a spreadsheet.

We're still looking for ideas, so whatever you can come up with will be

My previous message explains the rest ( I hope):

"Given a problem situation, all 11th grade math students will
demonstrate their ability to use the Internet to obtain statistical
information and use a spreadsheet program, such as ClarisWorks or
Microsoft Office, to organize the information in a table and create an
appropriate graph. A written analysis of the data and solution to the
problem will accompany the data."

We have been told that this problem situation can be anything of our
choosing. We will be having a dept. meeting in a week to brainstorm for
this project.(Of course, I only have 7 juniors. But I will have to meet
this goal with them, and extend this project to the tenth graders in
those classes as well!)

My real problem is that I would like to relate this whole internet
experience to the class which they are currently taking - GEOMETRY. I
think that the whole spreadsheet would lend itself very easily to
algebra concepts, but I guess I'm having a problem making the leap to
geometry with the statistics end of this project.