Math & CS rated best jobs

Patrick Carney (
Wed, 17 Mar 99 10:22:52 EST

If you are still in school, you might want to show this to your students.
Today, CNN Headline news is running a story on the best jobs in the country
from a publication that rates them. The publication is something like "Jobs
Rated Almanac" and the the rankings are as I recall

1. Web Site Manager
2. Actuary
3. Computer Systems Analyst
4. Software engineer
5. Mathematician

For all those kids who ask

"Why do we have to study math" or "What would anybody ever do with this"

they might be more inclined to believe something they see on TV than
something we tell them.

I apologize to those who will get more than one copy because you are on more
than one of the lists to which I am sending this, but I thought it applied to
the people in these groups.

As ever,
Bro. Pat Carney

P.S. They seem to repeat it about every 1/2 hour within the first 10 min. of
the broadcast.