Fwd: Excel spreadsheets and Herkimer's Hideaway

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Wed, 06 Oct 1999 19:11:52 -0700

Hi group....

Just an update on a two projects:

This is primarily for those who might be relatively new to the ListServe. I have constructed a series of Excel spreadsheets
illustrating a variety of AP Statistics concepts. (For those who may have already requested them... and hopefully received
them ... these are the same set of spreadsheets... nothing new here.) If you would like to examine these spreadsheets, I can
send them to you via. attachment. If you are interested, just reply and let me know the e-mail address that you want me to use
to send the attachment. I don't make any claims of greatness for these things. I have constructed them for use in my AP
Statistics classes, and have found them useful. My students can get them via .attachments.

Herkimer's Hideaway has been updated, and I will continue to update it during the year. If you are teaching AP Statistics for
the first time using the Yates, Moore, McCabe text (The Practice of Statistics), you might find this site useful.


A few points relating to Herkimer's Hideway.

(a) I have been asked "Who is Herkimer?" I'll simply say that Calvin has his tiger friend,Hobbes.... and I have my cartoon
friend, Herkimer, who has been well known in the Cate School community for many years. If you have looked into the Hideaway,
you know that Herkimer has some unusual friends, ponders some of the world's most puzzling questions, and has questions asked
about him.

(b) My students go to Herkimer's Hideaway to get assignments and other information. Cate is primarily a boarding school. Most
students have personal computers in their room... and have access to Netscape. Those few who don't have easy access to a lab
with computers.

(c) The assignments that are posted are probably"behind" those for most of you who are using the text. We are only in our
third week of classes. We have what is called an Outings Week after two weeks of classes, where students and faculty depart
from the campus to do various things.

(d) I have attempted to summarize the sections of the Yates, Moore, McCabe text. As of this point in time, I am though Chapter
9, and will continue to attempt to summarize the remaining chapters during the next few weeks. My students have access to the
summaries through the Hideaway. As with the spreadsheets, I don't claim these are great, but they might be useful to some.
The summaries for sections 1.1 and 1.2 have been updated to include some pictures of students and faculty "illustrating"
certain statistical concepts. I encourage you to take a look at these. I plan to do more of this type of thing in other

(e) If you do look at the Hideaway, any comments, suggestions, criticisms, corrections, etc. would be appreciated.

(f) I repeat that Herkimer's Hideaway is a project under construction ... and will be updated every few day.

Enough said. Thanks to all of you who make conributions to the ListServe.

Warm regards,