Fringe Benefit.

Patrick Carney (
Tue, 19 Oct 99 2:22:38 EDT


I just discovered a fringe benefit which flows from our job. I had one of
those supper time calls telling me about all of these womderful things I won
and they would like to send me subscriptions to magazines (they later will
tell you you only have to pay for shipping and postage which probably costs
more than the magazines but we never got that far). She asked me what topics
I most enjoyed reading about and without hesitation, I said "math".

There was a pause on the other end. Finally she said "Did you say math?"

I replied "yes".

She said "Math? M..A..T..H? "

I assured her that that was the way you spelled it.

She then told me "But I don't have ... any..magazines...about ... math" (I
assume the hesitation was part of a frantic search through her list to make
sure). She seemed quite bewildered. I told her it was a shame she did not
have any-- that math and particularly recreational math was great fun. Of
course she then came up with the line you all have heard -- "I was never very
good at math" etc.

I somehow have the feeling that this company will not be calling for a long
while! :-)

As ever,
Bro. Pat Carney