Fwd: I'm Learning...Hang with me

Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Sat, 18 Dec 1999 20:34:18 -0800

Hi group...

OK, I'm learning.... the hard way, but I'm learning!!!

This has to do with the spreadsheet programs (AP Stat., Finance) I
offered to send via. attachment. They were constructed on a Mac, so
I added .xls to the file name so they could be loaded by PC users.
Unfortunately, I made some of the program names too long so that the
.xls was not part of the name when I sent them to some of you via.

I've gone through the 30 programs and shortened the names so that the
.xls will appear when they are sent via. attachment. So, if you have
them and some aren't working because you have a PC, let me know...
and I will resend them with the new and shortened names. If you
haven't requested them and plan to do so, you will get the programs
with the shortened names followed by the .xls.

Sorry for the confusion. As I tell my students, we learn from out

-Happy holiday season to all.