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Pictures from past Institutes

  At the Math & Science Learning Center.
Experiencing torque at the Math & Science Learning Center.  
  Origami lesson
Science participant  
  "Explosion Night"
Science group participant at the Math & Science Learning Center tour.  
  Mary Oates discusses the variations of the Glyph activity.
What IS this? (The Oobleck demo)  
  Ammonia and goldenrod paper demo
Collapsing soda can demo  
  Now, don't try this at home! (Hydrophobic properties of Lycopodium demo)
2006 Math Institute Group Photo  
  2006 Science Institute Group Photo
Our fearless Program Director, Dr. Joseph G. Rosenstein.  
  Rosalie Intartaglia works on the Glyph activity.
Math institute instructors, Paul Lawrence and Mary Oates.  
  Working with manipulatives.
Look what I made!!!  
  Dan Griesbach doing his thing at the evening Learning Styles presentation.
Math institute instructor and tech guru, Jim Rahn.  
    Is this thing ON???

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