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Good Ideas in Teaching Precalculus And...

... Algebra, Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, with Technology

Rutgers University - Busch Campus - New Brunswick
Friday, March 20, 2009
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


A) What to Keep and What to Leave Out of Algebra & Geometry

Are we providing our algebra and geometry students with what they need to succeed when they subsequently take our precalculus courses? What are the key ideas that may need more emphasis in these classes? Moderator: Angelo DeMattia, Consultant

B) What to Keep and What to Leave Out of Calculus & Precalculus

Incorporating technology and new topics in precalculus and calculus classes have forced us to think about which traditional topics should be deleted or given less emphasis. This session will provide us an opportunity to share our thoughts and our solutions. Moderators: Eric Berkowitz, Parsippany Hills HS and Anita Schuloff, Paramus Catholic HS

C) Veterans Share with Newer Teachers How to Survive

New teachers are often assigned upper-level high school courses like precalculus and calculus. If you’re a new teacher, what questions do you have about these courses (or other courses)? Veteran teachers, come share your helpful ideas. Moderator: Doug Smith, A.P. Schalick HS (Pittsgrove)

D) Alternative Assessment in Algebra & Geometry

This sharing session will provide participants with project ideas to use as alternate forms of assessment in their classes. If anyone has a "special project" to share, bring it to the session. Moderator: Nancy Fedor, Cardinal McCarrick HS (South Amboy)

E) Alternative Assessment in Calculus & Precalculus

This sharing session will provide participants with an opportunity to learn from each other about their experiences in using alternate forms of assessment in their own classes. Moderator: Neil Cooperman, Millburn HS

F) What Are the Characteristics of a Good Precalculus Exam?

Mid-terms and final exams can serve different purposes and take a variety of formats. What does your exam communicate about what you value in your Precalculus course? What kinds of question formats do you use? Bring samples from your own midterm or final exam and compare with others. Moderator: Fred Decovsky, Teachers Teaching with Technology

G) Strategies for Undoing Common Student Mistakes

What are the most common errors made by your students? Bring some to share! Have you discovered a strategy to help overcome the errors? A handout (assessment quiz) that highlights some student errors will be provided. Collectively we may discover a strategy to help them avoid these errors. Moderator: Charlie Schwartz, Rider University

H) Preparing High School Students for College Math

How can we best prepare high school students for success in college mathematics? An open discussion. Moderator: Jay Schiffman, Rowan University

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