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Links to workshop, classroom activity, and presentation materials:

      Use this link to access the Java animations of  oil spills and forest fires , part of the investigation activities published in The Mathematics Teacher  (November 1998 and February 1999) magazine, which includes links to download programs to generate the grid graph paper necessary to perform the fractal analysis.

       As part of my presentations on computational geometry and solving facilities location problems, here are materials available for download:

         to download the workshop handouts (in PDF format)  click here.

         there is a program for the TI-83 which will compute the equations of Voronoi edges and the locations of Voronoi vertices. This program was written by Stephen B. Burris, Jr., a student at the Charter School of Wilmington. To obtain this program (in zipped format), use the link here.

      "Massive Graphs, Power Laws, and the World Wide Web"- 2003 by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc. (NCTM) . The activity uses a program for the TI-83 or TI-83+ that performs the modeling algorithm. You can download that calculator program  right here. (Netscape users might still need to use the "Shift" key.) For the purposes of teacher demonstration, here are some sample data sets (lists) for a "massive" graph with 102 vertices and approximately 1200 edges. The data sets include sample in-degree sequencefrequency distribution for these in-degreessample out-degree sequence , and  frequency distribution for these out-degrees . To view a brief background article on the topic, click here. To link to the entire activity at NCTM's e-Resources Web site, click here.


For my daily bread, and with great pleasure, I teach in the mathematics department and direct some special academic programs at The Charter School of Wilmington .

For more about me, please refer to my  background page .

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