Graham Cormode

Towards Federated Analytics with Local Differential Privacy (Alan Turing Institute, January 2021)

Distributed Private Data Collection at Scale (University of Washington, June 2019)

Data Summarization for Machine Learning (National University of Singapore Computer Science Research Week, January 2019)

Privacy at Scale: Local Differential Privacy in Practice (Tutorial at SIGMOD and KDD 2018)

Sub-quadratic recovery of correlated pairs (Simons Institute Workshop on Real-Time data analysis, June 2016)

Trusting the cloud with practical interactive proofs (DIMACS Sublinear Workshop 2015)

Sampling for Big Data (Tutorial at KDD 2014)

Sketches, Streaming and Big Data (University of Copenhagen Summer School on Hashing, 2014)

Sketch Data Structures, Mergable Summaries (Yandex Conference, Sept 2013)

Streaming, sketching and sufficient statistics (Simons Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Sept 2013)

Streaming Verification of Outsourced Computation (Microsoft Research Cambridge, May 2013)

"Some Sketchy Results", Algorithms in the Field (Rutgers University 2011)