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DIMACS/Los Alamos National Laboratory Partnership on Algorithms for Port-of-Entry Inspection

Information for Project Members

  • Multi-Objective Optimization of a Port-of-Entry Inspection Policy, Christina M. Young, Mingyu Li, Yada Zhu, Minge Xie, Elsayed A. Elsayed, and Tsvetan Asamov [pdf]
  • Port-of-Entry Inspection: Sensor Deployment Policy Optimization, Elsayed A. Elsayed, Christina Schroepfer, Minge Xie, Hao Zhang, and Yada Zhu [pdf]
  • Sequential Decision Making Algorithms for Port of Entry Inspection: Overcoming Computational Challenges, David Madigan, Sushil Mittal, and Fred Roberts [pdf]

  • Large Scale LP Model for Finding Optimal Container Inspection Strategies, E. Boros, L. Fedzhora, P.B. Kantor, K. Saeger, P. Stroud [pdf]
  • Experimental Analysis of Sequential Decision Making Algorithms for Port of Entry Inspection Procedures, S. Anand, D. Madigan, R. Mammone, S. Pathak, F. Roberts, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Entelligence and Security Informatics, San Diego, May, 2006. [ppt] [pdf]

  • Decision support algorithms for port-of-entry inspection, Fred S. Roberts, in Working Together: Research & Development Partnerships in Homeland Security, Proceedings of DHS/IEEE Conference, Boston, 2005. [link, paper #152]

  • Sensors Threshold in Port-of-Entry Inspection Systems, H. Zhang, C. Schroepfer, and E. A. Elsayed [doc]
  • Anual Reports:  [2005]   [2006]   [2007]

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