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Africa-US Student Research

Initiative One-Year Research

Opportunities in Biomathematics

Description of Program

Eligibility Requirements

Application form

Selection Process and Award Notification

Program Description:

The Africa-US Student Research Initiative (ASRI), funded by an anticipated grant from the National Science Foundation, is offering outstanding African students who are currently studying for a Ph.D. degree in Africa an opportunity to spend either one month, three months, six months, or one year at the Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS) of Rutgers University working on research projects that enhance their dissertation and prepare them for an independent research career in biomathematics. DIMACS has had extensive programs in biomathematics for many years and offers the opportunity to participate in workshops and tutorials while working one-on-one with a faculty mentor. For more information about DIMACS, see the web page at: http://dimacs.rutgers.edu/

The students will receive a stipend and housing allowance of $2,500 per month for the duration of the fellowship, roundtrip airfare 
from Africa to the US, and health insurance. Visits starting in the Summer, Fall, and Spring will be considered with decisions
on when to start being based on several factors, such as availability of mentors and student schedules. 
Some biomathematical areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to, mathematical epidemiology,
mathematical models in ecology, bioinformatics, and mathematical population biology. Applications are also being
accepted in other areas that have relevance to biomathematics. The application process for ASRI awards is highly
competitive, and we urge students to submit their nomination packets as early as possible.
For the 2011-2012 academic year there are several research positions available. 
Positions are scheduled to be filled starting in the Fall 2011 semester. 
Eligibility Criteria:
Students are eligible to be considered for an ASRI award if they:

·                Are citizens of an African country

·               Enrolled in a Ph.D. Biomathematics program in Africa, or other program of relevance to biomathematics

·                Have attained a cumulative graduate school GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4.0 scale

·                Have completed most of the course work for their graduate degree program

·                Have research experience

·                Have completed and submitted all required forms.


Application Procedure: Applicants who meet eligibility requirements must submit the following materials online at:  



Review of applicatons is on-going and will continue until all positions are filled.
A candidate's application will not be reviewed until ALL of the candidate's materials are on file.


Applications should include the following:


  • Nominee Electronic Application form (to be submitted by the student)
  • Two letters of Recommendation (to be completed by the Recommenders and submitted to usai (at) dimacs.rutgers.edu)
  • A description of the candidate's past or planned research in biomathematics (space provided on application form).
  • A statement of interest and intent indicating how the research experience would
    enhance both their short-term and long-term goals(space provided on application form).
  • Any special conditions you would like us to be aware of?
  • Academic Transcripts emailed to usai (at) dimacs.rutgers.edu.
Omission of any of the required documents will render the nomination incomplete and
 ineligible for consideration. 
Selection Process & Award Notification
Eligible individuals who have submitted complete nomination packages will be 
considered for the award. Because competition for these awards is expected to be substantial, 
Nominees, Nominators, and Recommenders should make every effort to provide a complete 
picture of each Nominee’s qualifications and research potential.
Nominees are evaluated by independent readers according to two primary criteria: academic 
achievement and research potential. The availability of an appropriate local mentor at DIMACS will also be an important criterion.

If you have questions, want further information, or wish to submit your application through email, please send email to: 


                               Dr. Gene Fiorini,

                               Associate Director of DIMACS and Program Coordinator





DIMACS would like to thank the National Science Foundation for their support of the US-Africa Biomathematics Initiative.   It would also like to thank the collaborators for their financial and other support.


DIMACS is a NJ Department of Education Professional Development Provider.


If you have specific questions about the content of the program,
please e-mail usai at dimacs.rutgers.edu













Tinevimbo Shiri, South Africa;
2008-2009 DIMACS ASRI Fellow





Najat Ziyadi
2008-2009 MBI ASRI Fellow







Chirove Faraimunashe
2008-2009 MBI ASRI Fellow





April 6, 2011.