DIMACS Workshop Organizer's Guide: Publicity

DIMACS has a Publicity Coordinator who will edit, format (to latex, html, and email messages), and distribute publicity about workshops.

Important Points:

What to do (in a nutshell):

Reason for Publicity:

The agencies that fund DIMACS workshops invariably want to encourage and increase participation as much as possible. The role of workshops in DIMACS mission is to serve in outreach and facilitating rapid change in our science areas. Publicity increases participation, reaches people who may have important contributions or who want to learn on track these workshop topics.

The publicity coordinator reviews announcements for correctness, dates, DIMACS policies on open attendance, etc. They attach logos to latex documents and other clever things. They also distribute the publicity to a wide variety of media (see below).

What we need from the organizers and when:

See Workshops for samples of workshop publicity.


The Publicity Coordinator will attempt to place annoucements in a wide variety of media ranging from newsletter and journals to netnews and mailing lists. Many of these have long lead times or infrequent publication schedules (3 or 4 issues per year) so getting announcements 6 - 7 months ahead is the only way to appear in them. See publicity procedures for our current list of places where we place announcements.

Contacting the Publicity Coordinator

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Document was last modified October 25, 2001.