Workshop: Special Year on Logic and Algorithms - One Year Later

July 23-25, 1997
DIMACS Center, CoRE Building, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

Eric Allender, Rutgers University,
Robert Kurshan, Bell Labs,
Moshe Vardi, Rice University,


The 1995-1996 Special Year on Logic and Algorithms (SYLA) was aimed at bridging a dichotomy in computer science between two major branches of research, one in algorithms and complexity, and the other one in models and semantics. SYLA focused on three bridge areas: computer-aided Verification (CAV), finite-model theory (FMT), and proof complexity (PC). Computer-Aided Verification studies algorithms and structures for verifying properties of programs. Finite-model theory studies the logical properties of finite structures, and has intimate connections with complexity theory and database theory. Proof complexity studies the length of proofs and the complexity of the inference steps within the proof. SYLA consisted of a 3-week long summer school, 11 workshops, and a federated logic conference.

You are invited to participate in a DIMACS Workshop on "Logic and Algorithms: One Year Later", which will be held at Rutgers University, on July 23-25, 1997. The goal of the workshop is to follow up on SYLA. The workshop will cover the three major topics of the Special Year, computer-aided verification, finite-model theory, and proof complexity. The program of the workshop will consist of 1-hour-long survey talks as well as shorter 1/2-hour-long talks. The speakers will report on research results that arose during the Special Year or following it. During the Special Year, we conducted many specialized workshops. In this workshop, we will focus on bringing the three topics together, in an attempt to provide participants with a broader view of the field.

For more information see Prospective attendees are asked to register for the workshop by June 20, 1997, in order to enable the organizers estimate attendance.

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