Women & Math & Grants

Roseann R. Krane (rkrane@monte.mvhs.srvusd.k12.ca.us)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 01:16:44 -0700 (PDT)


The mathematics Association of Ameria and the Tensor Foundation sponsor
grants to further women and girl's studies of math.

The grants fund projects that encourage females in middle school, high
school, and post-secondary school to study math. In general, the money
goes to support somen who are already involved in studying maht and enjoy
it, but need help to get through the key points in middle school and early
college where research has found females are prone to drop out of math

The grants are designed "to keep more gender diversity in the mathematics
pipeline and in the engineering pipeline," said Virginia Knight, national
director of the Women and Mathematics Network.

The 10 one-to-two year grants of up to $5000 go to higher education math
faculty or high shocol math teachers working with college or university
faculty. The deadline for proposal is March 1.

Applicants may replicate existing projects, improve current projects or
create new projects.

MAA and Tensor will judge proposals based on the strength of academic
components, quality of personnel, emphasis on math applications in
careers, consideration of the needs and cognitive development of women and
girls, development of peer support systems and level of institutional

MAA also plans to work with the National Security Agency on a planning
grant program similar to the aomen and math projects. The planning grants
will go to applicants to design intervention projets, much like those
funded under the MAA/Tensor Foundation program, to get women and girls
involved in math.

The five planning grants will be smaller, Knight said,probably only about
$2500 each. MAA has not yet announced all of the details for the new
planning grants, but should do so by early this fall, Knight said.

Once the planning grants are completed, winners should be ready to apply
for the Women And Math Program grants, Knights said.

CONTACT: Mathematical Association of America, 1529 18th St. NW,
Washington, DC 20036, (202)387-5200; fax, (202)265-2384; e-mail,
maahq@maa.org. Information is on the Internet at
http://www.maa.org/tensorannc.html .