Re: ground rules on Internet multimedia

Duncan (
Thu, 05 Sep 1996 17:53:48 -0700

Paul Burchard wrote:
> I'm really glad to see a discussion starting here on how to use the
> DREI material in actual teaching---and I'd like to make sure
> everyone can participate in the discussion. For this to work, it's
> important for us to conscientiously stick to Internet-standard file
> formats and communication mechanisms, which work with all types of
> computers.
> To take a specific example that seems to have discouraged some
> people (sorry to pick on you, Duncan!), it seems that quite a few
> people were not able to make heads or tails of the attachment in
> Duncan's email on voronoi diagrams. One reason is that it was a
> Microsoft Word document, and many people on this list can't or don't
> run MSWord on their computers. Another reason is that the
> attachment, while made in the Internet-standard way, was not
> properly labelled as an MSWord file (this is a matter of configuring
> your mail program).
> Here are some specific formats that should be accessible to everyone:
> Rich Text:
> TeX (the best way to write math; however most people on
> this list probably don't have the viewer installed)
> Images:
> GIF (actually patented, but viewers are widely available)
> E-Mail Attachments:
> MIME (Eudora, Netscape, elm, etc. do this automatically; but
> older versions of MS Mail, cc:Mail, etc., probably don't).
> If you have any questions about this topic. I'd like to encourage
> you to post your question here -- don't assume you're the only one
> wondering!
> PB


Thanks for picking on me! I'll remember that. Tell me *HOW* (i.e. show me
step by step) to upload my MS Word file to my web page so that everyone
can read and appreciate what I did on the Subject: Getting Lost (OOOps.
No Ruler, -- No Compass and No Protractor.) As a matter of fact Ira was
having trouble reading my Attachment, because he has a MAnC.

Believe or not, I will be done with the Art Gallery Problem tomorrow and
am ready to let everyone try it. So please spell out the mechanics of
1) FTP my MS Word file to my dimacs account (that is also called
2) Turn my file into HTML (re: your 8/23 mail.) Do you mean to
type <PRE>...</PRE> around the filename or the whole document, then
insert it into my HTML file?
3) Any other steps I need to follow?

Paul, Be prepared for more questions, if your instruction is not
*practicle*. Thanx.