Re: ground rules on Internet multimedia

Paul Burchard (burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Thu, 5 Sep 96 19:32:51 -0400

Duncan <> writes:
> please spell out the mechanics of
> 2) Turn my file into HTML

The simplest HTML conversion methods for:

A. plain text files (.txt files, for Windows people -- NOT .doc)

NOTE: Plain text files are great for email as-is, and don't need
any conversion for use on the web either. However, if you want
to use web features like links, here's a presto-change-o trick:

Insert <PRE> at the beginning of the file, and </PRE> at the
end. Also, change the name of the file to end in .html or .htm.

B. Microsoft Word for Windows documents (.doc files)

Get Microsoft's Internet Assistant add-on for MS Word from -- this will
let you save MS Word files as HTML.

WARNING: Microsoft's site may crash your browser if you're
not using their product. If so, complain to

> 1) FTP my MS Word file to my dimacs account (that is also
> called upload?)

Yup, that's "uploading". But don't upload the MS Word file --
transfer the version (in HTML or plain text) that we can all read.
The mechanics were hopefully explained in my previous letter about
the DIMACS account trick -- or look at the updated self-help page:

> 3) Any other steps I need to follow?

If you want to make the file available for all to see, place it in
the public_html directory of your DIMACS account (or a
subdirectory thereof). Then you can point us to it with a URL; for

The file: public_html/YOWZA.html (in dchiu's home dir)

Its URL:

> Paul, Be prepared for more questions

Keep 'em coming!!