Roommate List - REALLY

Elaine Foley (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 15:21:26 -0400

Sorry to have forgotten the list - here's my message and the list.

Hi teachers,

Here is my next-to-final roommate list. Could you all take a look at it
and if you REALLY want to switch, email me with your suggestions

I need to let the Days Inn (closer to Princeton) know by tomorrow.

I will fax directions to everyone tomorrow.



Room Type Roommate Roommate

1 single Carney
2 double Cristofano Biehl
3 double Brown Edwards
4 " Singleton Lang
5 " Giesing Krane
6 " Curran Caswell
7 single Dimitroff
8 double Pearson Sanderson
9 " Hughes Ratigan
10 " Huffer Topolovec