Paul Burchard (burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 20:53:04 -0400

If you are downloading Sketchpad from
You need to be careful how you download it or your computer
won't know what to do with it (it's mistakenly opening it in
SimpleText because it has no idea what kind of file it is).

Here's a general tip: notice that when you hold your mouse
over the software links on that page, the address in the bottom
of the Netscape window starts with ftp://

When this happens, you have to help out Netscape because
FTP servers are not as smart as HTTP servers (http:// addresses),
and don't tell Netscape what kind of file you're getting.
This may even cause the file to get garbled in download.

Here is what should be the most painless way to handle these
links. Hold your mouse over the link again and check how the
address ENDS. In this case it ends in ".hqx", which means
the file is a Mac Stuffit Archive which must be opened with the
Stuffit Expander. Go to Netscape's Helper menu (Options...
General...Helpers) and make sure it is configured to associate
the "hqx" extension with the Stuffit Expander application.
Say OK to save the configuration, and then you should be able
to click on the link without any further troubles.