Elaine Foley (
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 09:05:36 -0400

Hi everyone!

I would appreciate your emailing me once you get this message to let me
know that you got it and that you can access email.

I also have the following questions for you...

1). Which discussion/break-out session did you attend on Saturday the

2). Which group(s) do you want to belong to? (The groups are: Voronoi,
Art Gallery, Internet, miscellaneous.

3). The November 2nd date doesn't work for Follow-Up II, so I'm asking
for you to check your calendars and let me know asap which of the
following dates will/won't work for you:

November 9 February 1
November 16 February 8
December 14 March 1
January 11 March 8
January 18

Thank you!