[Fwd: Re: Flying geese directions]

Bill Garrett (bgarrett@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Wed, 09 Oct 1996 23:02:43 -0400

Hi everyone-

My apologies to everyone for this letter appearing in our e-mail system.
I just downloaded the mail and found it here. My wife (Barb) is
presently off returning our oldest daughter to college so I haven't been
able to ask her why it was sent here rather than to our fast.net
account. To my knowledge Barb doesn't even know this e-mail address. I
have purposely kept this account strictly for DREI mail. Again my


PS: Congratulations Chuck on your visit with the First Lady! When I
heard on the radio that she visited your school, I guessed she'd meet up
with you! And happy birthday! Let's see, you must be 33, huh?:)

To everyone else, I don't see a lot of activity here on our "projects"!
I'm just as guilty, so I'm trying to encourage each of you and hope you
will do the same with me! During the school year much of what I do
seems to be on an "as needed" basis because there's always so much to do
and I'm sure many of you are in the same situation. Let's hope we're
not all finishing these things the day before we are scheduled to meet
again though! (I did use sketchpad today in my regular geometry classes
to discuss the incenter, circumcenter, orthocenter, and centroid. It
went well! We preceded it with some paperfolding of the lines that
generate these points.)

That's it for now!

PPS: I wrote the above yesterday (10/8) and thought I mailed it but used the wrong
address so am reposting it. In the meantime the wife has returned and the mystery is
solved. She was surfing the Net and replied directly from Netscape to an e-mail
address. Since I have Netscape e-mail configured to DIMACS, the return e-mail address
for Barb's message was the drei96 address. She is greatly apologetic and has promised
never to do it again until she forgets!

That's all folks!

Debby Kratovil wrote:

> Barb. Thank you for the correction. I caught it too late myself!! I
> realized it after it was in print. And can you believe it?! I'm a former
> high school math teacher myself. I was envisioning one thing and wrote
> another. One positive thing: most people won't catch the error! It does
> bother me that it's there, but I'm just determined to proof read more than
> twice before submitting.
> Again, the correction was taken in a positive light. I was also an English
> teacher (that is what my BA is in) and I see all kinds of mispellings, etc
> all the time on the net. I often send the corrections to the "offending"
> party and they are most grateful. It's kind of like having your slip
> showing in public! Glad you like our site. Visit often, we hope. Debby
> Debby Kratovil
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