Resources for your projects - newsgroups, java, etc.

Paul Burchard (burchard@CS.Princeton.EDU)
Thu, 10 Oct 1996 04:01:08 -0400

In order to better support your projects, we are making the following
Interet-based resources available:

1. "Newsgroups" - a better medium for discussion

For generating good discussion, email has the drawback that all the
different types of messages you get pour into a single inbox, leaving
you to manually sort them out or mentally jump from topic to topic. We
would like, instead, to set up several separate bulletin boards divided
according to groups that need to collaborate. For a sample of what
Diane was talking about in her last message, see

Unlike email lists with separate subscriber groups, everyone will still
be able to read all the messages on the separate boards if they choose.
And unlike the bulletin board we were using this summer, the proposed
"newsgroup"-style boards are as convenient and full-featured as email
(to check subscribed newsgroups in Netscape, just use the Window/News
menu instead of Window/Mail).

2. Interactive Java

To explain complex geometric concepts, interactive demonstrations are
invaluable, and Java is the best way to create such demonstrations on
the Internet. But as many of you found during the summer, there's quite
a lot to learn before you can go from concept to demonstration.

In order that as teachers you can concentrate more on the pedagogy, I
would like to concentrate my future efforts more on the Java development
for the projects. Specifically, I'm interested in creating some applets
for the art gallery and voronoi projects (but if you have other ideas
let me know).

3. Don't forget the Math Forum...

As you know, the fine folks at the Math Forum have been involved in the
DREI project in many ways, from converting the morning course notes into
HTML, to assisting people with specific Internet problems. They are
interested in the full scope of what it takes to make the Internet a
serious tool for math education.

The Forum's Steve Weimar is keeping an ear in our discussions, so if you
have a question about whether the Forum can help in some way, feel free
to bring it up here.