a visitor to our site...

lee cristofano (cristofa@dimacs.rutgers.edu)
Tue, 29 Oct 1996 23:22:26 +0000

hi all-

1. take a look at our website sometime after about 3:00 PM EST on
wednesday, 30 october. it's "spooky..."

2. i received an e-mail from a visitor who found our pages (probably
using a search engine). i wanted to share her e-mail message. (i sent
her a reply telling her all about the smart, sexy people who attended
DREI '96 and our mission to spread the word about cutting-edge
mathematical concepts in the calssroom). please let me know what you
think of our "first outside visitor" to our site.

>Her message:
>From: melody@shemp.ecqual.net (Melody M Madej)
>I am a senior at Florida Atlantic University working on my Elementary
>Education degree. As part of a lesson for my mathematics method course I
>plan to work with tessellations. I was hoping to find information and
>examples that would be useful in the 1-6 grade classroom. I tried >using
>your hyperlinks, but they were blank. If you have any information that
>might be useful could you e-mail me at: melody@ecqual.net
> Thank you for your time,
> Sincerely, Melody Madej

trick or treat,