Re: a visitor to our site...

Elaine Foley (
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 09:33:04 -0500


This is very timely since we just had our Steering Committee meeting for
DREI'97 this past Monday. Using the web to share ideas means that we'll
be receiving numerous inquiries like Melody's. It would be good to talk
about what kind of procedure the teachers want to use to respond to
questions like these next weekend. Perhaps just post to the newsgroup
(which one BTW) for everyone to respond to, may be enough?


lee cristofano wrote:
> hi all-
> 1. take a look at our website sometime after about 3:00 PM EST on
> wednesday, 30 october. it's "spooky..."
> 2. i received an e-mail from a visitor who found our pages (probably
> using a search engine). i wanted to share her e-mail message. (i sent
> her a reply telling her all about the smart, sexy people who attended
> DREI '96 and our mission to spread the word about cutting-edge
> mathematical concepts in the calssroom). please let me know what you
> think of our "first outside visitor" to our site.
> >Her message:
> >From: (Melody M Madej)
> >
> >I am a senior at Florida Atlantic University working on my Elementary
> >Education degree. As part of a lesson for my mathematics method course I
> >plan to work with tessellations. I was hoping to find information and
> >examples that would be useful in the 1-6 grade classroom. I tried >using
> >your hyperlinks, but they were blank. If you have any information that
> >might be useful could you e-mail me at:
> > Thank you for your time,
> > Sincerely, Melody Madej
> trick or treat,
> lee