Cathleen Zucco ((no email))
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 12:50:41 -0500 (EST)

Paul or Lee please post

Sanderson & other AP Statistics Teachers:
I noticed some additional resources that may be assistance to you in your
preparation of AP statistics lessons. COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics
and its Applications) has both math packs (self-contained lessons for
high school students) and a video series appropriate for AP Statistics.
Call 1-800-772-6627 to order a catalog. The video series is entitled
Statistics: Decisions Through Data. It has a total of five hours of
instructional time broken into 21 individual topic segments. The video
is accompanied by an user's guide that includes exercises, activities and
quizzes. (See page 4 in COMAPS's 1997 catalog.) COMAPS also publishes
Statpack I (Descriptive Statistics through Expected Value) and Statpack II
(t-test through Regression through Markov Chain). Each pack contains a
half dozen or more lessons. (See page 12 in COMAPS's 1997 catalog.)