Resources for Discrete Mathematics

Cathleen Zucco ((no email))
Mon, 4 Nov 1996 17:40:06 -0500 (EST)

Paul or Lee
Please add to site - thank you

COMAP (Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications)
has some resources available on Discrete Mathematics that
might help those who are doing projects on such topics as
Topology, Voronoi Diagrams and Tessellations. Call 1-800-772-6627
for a 1997 catalog.

Specifically you might like to examine the following:
A. 2-hour video entitled "GEOMETRY: New Tools for New Technologies"
Units include: A Hero's Journey : Motion Planning for Robots,
Connecting the Dots: Vertex Coloring, Picture Perfect: Error-Correction
Codes, X-Ray Vision: The CAT Scan, Snowbound: Euler Circuits,
Structures: Will it Fall Down ?, Symmetry:Rigid Motion & Patterns,
Topology: Knot Theory, The Right Stuff: Space Optimization,
Gridville: Hidden Connections. (See p. 5 in 1997 catalog)

B. GEOMAPS - self-contained modules with suggested lesson plans.
(GEOMAPS stands for Geometry & Its Applications)
Modules of particular interest are (See p. 8 in 1997 catalog) :
1. Voronoi Diagrams & Proximity Problems by Dickerson & Drysdale -
(yes, Scot is the co-author)
2. Tessellations by Philip Mallinson
3. Graph Models by Joseph Malkevitch
4. Shortest Paths by Nancy Crisler & Walter Meyer
5. Knottednes by Bridget Arnold & Peter Cromwell

C. HiMAP - self-contained modules with suggested lesson plans.
(HiMAP stands for High School Mathematics and Its Applications Project)
Modules of particular interest are (See pages 9 & 10 in 1997 catalog):
1. Problem Solving Using Graphs by Cozzens & Porter
2. Explore Sorts by Meyer
3. Codes Galore by Malkevitch, Froelich & Froelich
4. Loads of Codes by Malkevitch & Froelich

Diane & Elaine items C.3 & C.4 above as well as the video Cracking the
Code (video is on page 6 in 1997 catalog) would be good resources to
have available for DREI'97.