Cookies: make mine chocolate chip

J Brown (
Wed, 29 Jan 1997 22:06:51 -0400


Does everyone know that you can SHUT OFF that annoying message that asks
you if you want to accept a cookie?

How, go to Options - Network Preferences - Protocals

Uncheck the cookie one and it will never ask again.

I left the "submitting forms by email" checked to keep track of my
daughter and husband's activities. They would both call me if a warning
message comes up...that way they don't submit things like our phone
number and credit card numbers via email.

Now why might you not want to uncheck the cookie? Remember, these
cookies are stored on your hard drive. Someone, maybe your principal or
other administrator, could access these cookie files and find out where
you have been!!! Wouldn't you maybe want to be warned that the Playboy
or Playgirl page is setting a cookie so that you could be sure to DELETE
it before your boss finds out how you are spending your time during work

I'd like a show of hands - how many of you "think" your administrator
has the TIME or KNOWLEDGE needed to check your cookie files? :-)

Yea, that's about what I thought!