Re: Cookies: make mine chocolate chip

Elaine Foley (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:20:06 -0500

One more item - even better if you ask me - PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
has a software product, I think it's called something like
pretty-good-uncookie (or no-cookie) which disables servers from sending
cookies to your machine.


J Brown wrote:
> Hi
> Does everyone know that you can SHUT OFF that annoying message that asks
> you if you want to accept a cookie?
> How, go to Options - Network Preferences - Protocals
> Uncheck the cookie one and it will never ask again.
> I left the "submitting forms by email" checked to keep track of my
> daughter and husband's activities. They would both call me if a warning
> message comes up...that way they don't submit things like our phone
> number and credit card numbers via email.
> Now why might you not want to uncheck the cookie? Remember, these
> cookies are stored on your hard drive. Someone, maybe your principal or
> other administrator, could access these cookie files and find out where
> you have been!!! Wouldn't you maybe want to be warned that the Playboy
> or Playgirl page is setting a cookie so that you could be sure to DELETE
> it before your boss finds out how you are spending your time during work
> hours.
> I'd like a show of hands - how many of you "think" your administrator
> has the TIME or KNOWLEDGE needed to check your cookie files? :-)
> Yea, that's about what I thought!
> Judy