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Judy Ann Brown (
Sun, 2 Feb 1997 17:38:16 -0500

Then it could be that you got a bad disk.


Responding to the message of <D2047ZWRQP1E9K*/R=FIRNVX/R=A1/U=HUFFERA/@MHS>
from "Anne B. Huffer 904-822-6500" <>:
> The problem is that there is "NOTHING" on the CD for at least the two files
> I named. It is not a problem with memory or operating system. I have
> Windows95 and plenty of space both in memory and on the hard drive. When I
> look at the properties of each file, under size for each one I get 0 bytes.
> Nada, nothing, no code, the message is file not found check path. The name
> is there but nothing else.
> Anne
> .

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