Re: Java

Elaine Foley (
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 08:59:36 -0500

Anne Huffer wrote:
> Elaine,
> I finally got time to install the Java software we were given. BUT !!!
> it seems as if something has happened to the CD - the file "autorun.inf"
> and "setup.exe" contain 0 bytes each.


I'll try and get another cd for you from Microsoft. (The problem is
that they haven't been very communicative and didn't send us any extra
copies, so I need to find out who actually sent the software.)

Needless to say I cannot install
> the software. Is there someway I can get a valid version?
> Second question - when should we be looking for reservations (plane)
> for the next followup? Thanks for the info.

Call the Rutgers Travel office now (908) 445-4000(remember that you can
call collect), ask for Cheryl, mention the follow up date of 3/21-22 and
they'll make the arrangements for you. I'm looking into hotels now and
will let everyone know asap.

> Anne Huffer
> P.S.
> I think I'll send a general message to Drei96 to find out if this
> happened to anyone else.