bad news

Anne B. Huffer 904-822-6500 (
Sat, 08 Mar 1997 21:29:30 -0500 (EST)

Dear friends,

I have been spending most of the past week at the hospital. My
husband, Jay, was in a motorcycle accident on Monday (3rd) evening. He was
in intensive care until Friday. Now he is in a regular room. He has several
broken ribs, a broken left shoulder, a collapsed lung and a shattered right
hand. Although the ribs are agony the hand seems to be the most potentially
troublesome. He will need reconstructive surgery and the surgeon is not
sure just how much use he will regain. Jay is a carpenter and right handed.
The doctor has said that he may not be able to work as he has again. Even
if he can eventually go back to work it will be quite some time. One of the
perks of teaching (and other jobs) is sick leave but Jay is a "no work no
pay" person. We are going to have to learn to live on my teaching salary -
maybe a tough thing to do. We do carry disability insurance but he has to
be out 90 days before that kicks in. Wish us luck and/or pray for us.
Anyway, I still expect to be at the follow-up on the 22nd. My
step-daughter may be coming down to stay with her father for the 5 days I
will be gone. As a surprise I had planned to stay a few extra days, drive
to Maryland to see my mother, since it is my spring break that week. Hope
to see all of you and give you good news then.

Anne Huffer