Sanderson Smith (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 02:11:58 -0800

Hi Elaine and DREI gang:

Re: DREI'96 Follow-UP,March 21-22, 1997

This is primarily for those flying to Newark, but might be of interest to

Friday, March 21
I'm flying into Newark ,arriving approx.12:30 PM. I have arranged for a rental
car (Avis) to be picked up on Friday and returned Sunday morning. I believe
Darlene is arrivng around 2PM. If so, I will wait for her. Anyone else
arriving in the afternoon? Since I believe Rutgers is relatively close to
Newark (Is that correct, Elaine?) I could probably return to the airport to
pick up anyone who might be arriving in the evening.

Let me know.
-Keep smiling, all.