position paper

lee cristofano, super genius (cristofa@bpsd.k12.pa.us)
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 21:16:43 +0000

hi again-

for my project to receive credit for the DREI 96 institute, i wrote a
position paper about our web site. i hope you'll take a minute or two
and read it. there's a link at the bottom to e-mail me your comments,
which would be greatly appreciated.

the URL for the paper is


or you can use


if the dimacs server is down.

on a related note... i'd be willing to volunteer to try out some of
those great lesson plans for those going for the credit. just let me
know. as the year winds down after the easter break, i'm sure my seniors
would appreciate some fun and interesting things to try. i can't wait to
tell our football quarterback who's in my homeroom all about bro. pat's
voronoi defense...