how to?

breuche (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 21:54:18 -0500

Dear Roseann,

A couple of weeks ago I attended a follow-up discrete math session at
which Joe Rosenstein posed a problem for all of us to try and solve
(with the promise of giving the solution the next day..which I was
unable to attend).

The problem was to draw a complete graph (say given 5 vertices connect
each vertex to every other one). Given each vertex a number any number
and do it randomly. Then find the shortest path that connects each
point only once.

Anyway, I posed the problem to my freshmen Alg. II Honors class and
Steven, gave me a hard copy solution which I thought was on a pretty
high level knowing that Steven has not had much training in "formal
proofs" or inductive reasoning. He was quick to pick up the word
algorithm when I used. Anyway I asked him to send me his work
through e-mail as well so that I could share it with the teachers of
discrete math as well as with our drei96 group,so the following is his
solution. Anyway, I need instructions on how to download winzip and
then how I actually use it to read his solution. (Please keep in mind I
have never downloaded shareware from the internet ..I needed to buy a
virus protector first). So really, give me step by step instruction.
Thanks Ethel