more space tip

Roseann Krane (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 22:45:07 -0800

Actually, I am not in favor of sending email daily just to send email.
But then again I am getting use to just following Chuck's orders!
I refuse to send worthless email .......................
So here is a tip for Windows 95 picked upfrom ZDnet ...

The one I like in the list at the above site:

More Space for Windows 95 Contact Plus Corporation 01-02-97
Version Number 2.5
More Space is a Windows 95 disk utility that
can help you to reclaim valuable hard-drive space. It can be used to
search your system for duplicate files and large files and directories.
A variety of options allow you to scan for partial or exact filename
duplicates. Search for all duplicates or only those of a particular
type. The program gives you the opportunity to see an overview of your
complete system.
The file chronology can also be displayed to show
you the age of your files. Dormant files and directories as well as
space hogs can be quickly identified. You can then create printouts of
this information or copy the results to the Clipboard for additional
processing. This version is a maintenance update that adds a file
details screen and other minor enhancements.
Purchase Information
Shareware: Free to try, $20 if you decide to keep
it. Registration benefits include: available site licensing.