Re: how to change your organization name

Roseann Krane (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 20:00:40 -0800

Hi Ethel, hope the info on passwords on Windows and on sounds helped.
Let me know and if it didn't work, I'll go through it again.

Ethel, it pops up that you are with the Dell Corporation when you send
email. It is apparent you are using Netscape. To fix this problem:

In Netscape,
1) click on options
2) click on mail and news preferences
3) click on identity, change the organization field to DIMACS
or your school name.

I'll get you the steps on winzip when I have time. It is a great
utility. It is essential you keep 100 mg free at all times on your
system. Windows needs lots of room for moving files during operation.
So winzip will come in really handy for you.