Re: Keeping the fire going

Duncan Chiu (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 22:32:37 -0500

Bill Garrett wrote:
>I got my batteries recharged yesterday and am excited
> continuing my lesson plan and making it something that I and NSF can be
> confident to share with the world (think about it!, that's exactly what
> we are proposing to do!!)

Hi everyone,

i for one resolved to answer any email from drei96, and i challenge each
one of you to do the same. Even a phrase "got it" will do.

it just occured to me that i have been working on a reunion for my high
schoolmates of 40 years ago (yes, i do look young, don't i?) most of
them i lost contact and yet here we have a group of professionals of
common interst and value NOT being attended to? What justification to
miss sincere appreciation of each other's work? You don't get it often
in your work place, right? Let's support each other and let's also plan
more time to Socialize in our JUne gathering (Chuck, do you hear that?)