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Judy Ann Brown (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 07:17:36 -0500

Hi Bill

You want to (need to) look into getting a 2nd phone line into your house. It
will take off some of the presure of when you can use your computer/modem vs
waiting for important calls. My daughter just turned 17 and there is no way we
could tie up a single line with a computer. In my house, most evenings one of
the 3 of us is on the computer and often another is on the other phone line
which is equiped with call waiting. I think we figured that it costs us about
$6 extra a month and it is well worth the price. We are currently thinking
about getting a 3rd line so that two people can surf at the same time. My
daughter figures that by the time my husband and I retire we will be living in
the same house and not speaking to each other, we will just email! Do you see
any potential problems with that? I think it sounds fine. :-)


Responding to the message of <>
> Dear Fellow DREI Participants,
> After I left Rutgers I stopped in Rocky Hill, NJ to learn how to clean
> and adjust my wife's Singer Featherweight sewing machines (something
> about being in the ?right? place at the right time.) By the time I got
> to a phone on I-95 to call home and tell my family I might either sleep
> in the car (I was getting tired) or find a motel, my daughter was on the
> Internet and all I got was that nasty busy signal. I was now annoyed
> enough to be awake and alert enough to get to Norristown (now 11:15)
> where I called my wife from school and then sacked out in our planning
> center until 4:30 this morning. Did some work there then came home in
> time for early church and am now home with lots to still do.
> Anyway, I got my batteries recharged yesterday and am excited
> continuing my lesson plan and making it something that I and NSF can be
> confident to share with the world (think about it!, that's exactly what
> we are proposing to do!!) Along these lines, I think that if there were
> more continual interaction [regarding our work! not school lunches-no
> offense Chuck-or drivel about sewing machine repair clinics,etc.:)]
> among us I would probably be more productive in this endeavor. I would
> guess that most of us take on more than we probably should and therefore
> the things that get the most attention are the ones we can't ignore.
> While I haven't ignored DREI96 I have often been able to put it aside
> for the above mentioned reason.
> I am going to make a real effort to submit frequently and urge you to do
> the same. Even a quick note to tell what went well or bad with a
> project in works will be useful to keep me on task.
> Enough for one day. It was good to see everyone. Let's communicate!!!
> Bill
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