Keeping the fire going

Bill Garrett (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 12:49:34 -0500

Dear Fellow DREI Participants,

After I left Rutgers I stopped in Rocky Hill, NJ to learn how to clean
and adjust my wife's Singer Featherweight sewing machines (something
about being in the ?right? place at the right time.) By the time I got
to a phone on I-95 to call home and tell my family I might either sleep
in the car (I was getting tired) or find a motel, my daughter was on the
Internet and all I got was that nasty busy signal. I was now annoyed
enough to be awake and alert enough to get to Norristown (now 11:15)
where I called my wife from school and then sacked out in our planning
center until 4:30 this morning. Did some work there then came home in
time for early church and am now home with lots to still do.

Anyway, I got my batteries recharged yesterday and am excited
continuing my lesson plan and making it something that I and NSF can be
confident to share with the world (think about it!, that's exactly what
we are proposing to do!!) Along these lines, I think that if there were
more continual interaction [regarding our work! not school lunches-no
offense Chuck-or drivel about sewing machine repair clinics,etc.:)]
among us I would probably be more productive in this endeavor. I would
guess that most of us take on more than we probably should and therefore
the things that get the most attention are the ones we can't ignore.
While I haven't ignored DREI96 I have often been able to put it aside
for the above mentioned reason.

I am going to make a real effort to submit frequently and urge you to do
the same. Even a quick note to tell what went well or bad with a
project in works will be useful to keep me on task.

Enough for one day. It was good to see everyone. Let's communicate!!!