Chuck Biehl (cbiehl@magnus1.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 05:30:50 -0500

Try to let Elaine know (I hope this is right) which copies of your
lessons can/should be deleted from the list.

Sorry I didn't reply to email since Thursday, but as many of you
mentioned, appareantly there was a problem on my end. I'm now quite
backed up and will get caught up ASAP. you'll all be hearing from me
soon, both as individuals and small groups.

Let me echo Bill G.'s sentiments (except for the bit about the sewing
machine.) He's right; we have lots to talk about besides school lunches
so let's get in there. I'm now convinced everybody has access to email,
so let's stay in close touch as we approach our world premiere.

L. Charles (Chuck) Biehl
The Charter School of Wilmington
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