Chuck Biehl (cbiehl@magnus1.com)
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 05:48:14 -0500

It was great to see everyone on Saturday, and I was really pleased to
see that so much has been going on behind the scenes. I was actually a
little nervous about some of the projects prior to Saturday, but feel
MUCH better now. The lead teachers will be in touch with some of their
group members for pointers and suggestions, and don't forget that we
want EVERYTHING done... plans, testing, commments, justification papers,
etc. in the can by the next follow-up.

Kee up the good work! I kinda understand why Steven Greenfield was leery
of our progress, beacause we havent; always been as forthconing as we
should, but i also think that some of the negatives he referred to
related more to the research program, and not ours. All that being said,
let's make sure that the great stuff that is coming out of DREI '96 sets
a positive and professional tone which will be difficult to top in DREI
'97, '98, and '99.

BTW: "fun fact" or "un-fact"?:
1. Cats have more than 100 different vocal patterns, while dogs have
only about 10.
2. Montpelier, VT, is the only US state capitol city that does not have
a McDonald's.
3. The most common name on the planet is Mohammed.

More to follow.

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