Sanderson Smith (Sanderson_Smith@cate.org)
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 23:40:21 -0800

March 24, 1997

Brief summary: What I gained from participation in DREI 96.

*Valuable contact with a group of outstanding and dedicated teachers (including
the establishment of new friendships that extend outside of DREI and the

*Considerable knowledge relating to the use of technology in education,
including experience in setting up Web pages (something I knew nothing about
prior to DREI).

*Computational geometry materials and a variety of related ideas to use in the

*The opportunity to be part of a project linking, via. techology, three
culturally diverse student populations and educational environments in
California, Iowa, and South Dakota. (Handout provided at recent followup).
Also, the potential to expand this contact through Lou Giglio's project.

*The DREI experience and the knowledge gained from it allowed me to develop a
student-directed project associated with the Milken Family Foundation (Darlene
Hughes also involved in this.) The project is under construction, but can be
viewed in a primitive state by accessing the Cate School Home Page

*An opportunity to learn (and observe) how computational geometry techniques
are used by researchers analyzing real-life situations/problems.

*The discovery of valuable Internet sources (DREI, Swarthmore Forum, etc.)

Sanderson M. Smith