Re: how to change your organization name

breuche (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 19:52:59 -0500

Roseann Krane wrote:
> Hi Ethel, hope the info on passwords on Windows and on sounds helped.
> Let me know and if it didn't work, I'll go through it again.
> Ethel, it pops up that you are with the Dell Corporation when you send
> email. It is apparent you are using Netscape. To fix this problem:
> In Netscape,
> 1) click on options
> 2) click on mail and news preferences
> 3) click on identity, change the organization field to DIMACS
> or your school name.
> I'll get you the steps on winzip when I have time. It is a great
> utility. It is essential you keep 100 mg free at all times on your
> system. Windows needs lots of room for moving files during operation.
> So winzip will come in really handy for you.

Dear Roseann,

I followed your instructions, but I have no idea why I needed to change
the name of my organization in my mail preferences, what difference does
that make? My e-mail has been working fine.

Let me know how this change affects anything.