Re: 2MB quota

Judy Ann Brown (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 19:57:44 -0500


Why don't you use your dimacs account for your mail? Then you won't have this
2MB limit. You can dial into your account, but then set the pop
mailer in Netscape to get your dimacs mail.

I have my Netscape set to my epix account <> and then I have a
program called POPmail (I downloaded it from the net) that I use for my dimacs
mail. Dave Wexler told me that you can have two Netscape preference files as
long as you don't have them stored in the same place...I haven't tried this yet,
but you might give it a try.

Maybe others have better suggestions.

Responding to the message of <>
> Hi everyone,
> Here we are, less than a day after promising you that i would respond to
> every message from the DREI96 gang, my mailbox is already full! I kept
> getting the error message: quota exceeded. What a treat! I want to thank
> you all for the replies, but remember i only have a 2MB-size mailbox
> (sorry folks, i couldn't afford a larger box.) If you tried to e-mail me
> after 12:00 noon yesterday (Sunday) and didn't succeed, please try
> again. i hate to miss your message or be labled a lier or cheater. And
> also pls make sure your file size is less than 2MB.
> duncan
> .

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