Mary Edwards (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:17:16 -0400


I wanted to share with the group my use of the internet with my
computer classes. I have discovered that many of them have their own
web pages and we had a day where we did a viewing of all of the
student's homepages. There are students who are getting paid to write
home pages and others who have made money by designing pictures such
as of airplanes on the internet. I couldn't believe how much they
For the ones that have never been on the internet I did some surfing
and found a site that gave an intro to the internet. I also found a
time line on the internet at and a few Java Applets to
let them see how programming could be done on the internet.
They have free time on the internet when they finish their projects.
I have found this to be good and bad. The good is all of the great
cites that they have found. The bad is that they are not creating the
extra credit programming projects that I usually get.
Another detrimental thing is that the computer lab is my computer
classroom. This means if someone wants to take their class into the
computer lab, by students have to switch classes with them and we
don't get lab time that day. The good news is that the computer lab
is really getting much more use. The bad news is, my computer class
is loosing lab time.
I would be interested to know how other schools handle this problem.
It was great to see every one last weekend.
It is great to hear from so many people. Keep up the good work.
So much for one liners- Sorry Duncan