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Elaine Foley (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 11:01:11 -0500

Mary Edwards wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to share with the group my use of the internet with my
> computer classes. I have discovered that many of them have their own
> web pages and we had a day where we did a viewing of all of the
> student's homepages. There are students who are getting paid to write
> home pages and others who have made money by designing pictures such
> as of airplanes on the internet. I couldn't believe how much they
> knew.
> For the ones that have never been on the internet I did some surfing
> and found a site that gave an intro to the internet.

Mary, share this site with everyone - I'm sure we'd find it useful for
other students/teachers. EF

I also found a
> time line on the internet at and a few Java Applets to
> let them see how programming could be done on the internet.

Where did you find the Java applets?

> They have free time on the internet when they finish their projects.
> I have found this to be good and bad. The good is all of the great
> cites that they have found. The bad is that they are not creating the
> extra credit programming projects that I usually get.

I know - the web is a very enticing place to be - there's so much to
find. Perhaps if you required that they share with everyone or surf
with a purpose in mind (find more Java applets or interesting CS stuff)
they may be pulled back.

> Another detrimental thing is that the computer lab is my computer
> classroom. This means if someone wants to take their class into the
> computer lab, by students have to switch classes with them and we
> don't get lab time that day.

Do you have a school library with computer access?

The good news is that the computer lab
> is really getting much more use. The bad news is, my computer class
> is loosing lab time.
> I would be interested to know how other schools handle this problem.
> It was great to see every one last weekend.
> It is great to hear from so many people. Keep up the good work.
> Mary
> So much for one liners- Sorry Duncan