Re: Second phone line

Bill Garrett (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 01:24:28 -0500

Judy Ann Brown wrote:
> Hi Bill
> You want to (need to) look into getting a 2nd phone line into your >house. . . .<snip>. . .

I've thought about it but the price you quoted is really cheap compared
to what folks around here that I know pay (more like $14-16/mo) and
besides, then what reason would I use for getting my 17 year old
daughter off the phone! As far as receiving calls, I guess I'm just
"old fashioned" and/or conservative to the extent that I figure if the
call is really that important, they'll call back. I don't even have an
answering machine! (Well, I do but I don't use it because I detest
"phone tag".)
Even when I couldn't get through Saturday night, I wasn't upset all that
long because I realized there was no reason for the phone not to be in
use (after all, it was only their precious husband and father out there
in the cold, dark night somewhere!)
Thanks for your suggestion just the same. For most people it would make
great sense. And you (actually your daughter) did give me a another
great idea - my next e-mail message is to my wife! You see, there are
some things we've been meaning to discuss, but with us both being as
busy as we are . . .