Chuck Biehl (bieh9435@dpnet.net)
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 06:15:21 -0500

There are two things I've notived in talking with people about lesson
plans and seeing/hearing some of your lessons. First, there is only so
much material to build lessonplans on, so there is some overlap in
content. Second, we have the possibility of preparing lessons for both
paper use and internet use. Combining these two, I submit the following
question: could we somehow break down our groups of folks in order to
provide a set of CG plans for paper use and another set that would be
used tight off the web? Many of you have different sized comfort zones
when working with web pages and I wonder if this could be a deciding
factor. Tell me aht you think... in fact, make sure you reply to the
entire group and we'll make this an open forum. It could lead to a
potential long-range project that could be formalized between now and
the next follow-up, and provide us with a way of working together for a
long time to come. Let us hear from you!
L. Charles (Chuck) Biehl
The Charter School of Wilmington
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