Re: lessons

Elaine Foley (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 09:10:50 -0500


One thing that should also be mentioned here is that although you're not
going for credit, if you have a lesson plan that you'd like to post, you
certainly can (still would need two teachers to test it though) and I'd
encourage you to do so. We want the DREI site to represent all our
teachers. If not a lesson plan, then perhaps a project? I know that
Sanderson will be posting his project (Cate School link) is there a web
site that was set up for your school on his model?


Darlene Hughes wrote:
> Chuck,
> I like your idea about two sets of lesson plans. Just as I keep
> trying to cut down on the amount of unneccesary mail I get I think
> it's a good idea not to duplicate things on the web. If users have to
> scroll through too much to find what they want they're less apt to get
> there! But I'm not one taking this for credit so there comments
> should carry more weight. There's something about ownership of a
> project/idea ...
> Darlene